Life in a Time of Corona: Letters from the Ledge – Day 2

Saturday – 28 March 2020 – 09:26am

Today is going to be all about scheduling and strategising my life over the next few days. If I flail around without a plan, I won’t be using this time wisely and I won’t accomplish everything that I’m setting out to do over this period – and believe me, my plate is already pretty full aside from work commitments.

It’s technically Saturday today, but I can already see how all the days are going to blend into one since there’s not much that can be done to differentiate one day from the next. I suppose the only difference is that I doubt I’ll hear from boss man or clients so it will be the good kind of quiet that allows you to focus and get through your day without any interruptions.

I’ve also realised that I have to ration my LTE internet data out now before I hit day 9 and I can’t watch Netflix, YouTubes or use the interwebs. Usually, I wouldn’t be at home all day for consecutive days so this has never been an issue and I am even able to carry over data most months! But now I’ll just have to limit my TV time, do more, write more and read more (which isn’t a problem for me anyway. I love reading!)

So, the goal list for today:

– Prayer, meditation and reflection time for 1 hour
– Exercise for 30mins – 1 hour
– Read for at least 2 hours
– Clean the flat for 1 hour
– Do a creative activity for at least 1 hour
– might fit in some work for 1 – 2 hours
– Do something that I’ve been procrastinating on (besides cleaning) for at least 1 hour
– Interwebs data useage allocation for the day – 10GB max
(I might just have to keep series and movie binges for after 12am when I can freely use my nighttime data)

All the other smaller things that happen in between these goals will probably fill up the rest of the time in the day.

What are your plans for today? Have you come up with a strategy or list of daily goals to tackle during this lockdown / social distancing time? Drop a comment below or on the socials and let’s chat.

If you want to follow my days as they unfold, feel free to check out my story updates on my personal Instagram profile: @kris513creative.

Be safe. Stay strong. Stay home.


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