Life in a Time of Corona: Letters from the Ledge – Day 5

Tuesday – 31 March – 07:14am

I didn’t sleep well last night. For the first time, I had nightmares since the lockdown started; the first time I’ve had nightmares in a while, in fact. But this one had awful timing. I dreamt that I had gotten into a big arguement with my mom. I really don’t remember what the arguement was about, but it was pretty fierce. I managed to wake myself up from it, but it made me feel so bad – especially since I’m not able to see her much beyond a cellphone screen during these lockdown days and I miss her often.

Everyone who knows me, knows how close my relationship is with my mom, dad and family in general. It’s very expressive in a sense of showing affection and making your love known… but can be equally expressive (read ‘explosive’) in having your say and standing your ground in a debate or arguement. I suppose we’re kind of Italian-esque that way (moment of silence as I spare a thought for the Italians affected by the Corona virus and the souls of their departed).

It got me thinking about other family units who are locked down together at this time. Without time apart, it’s easy for everyday feelings to get magnified in both good and bad ways. From what I hear, the consensus during this ‘social distancing’ / ‘stay home’ time is that kids across the world are driving their parents more crazy than usual, while parents are trying their best to keep the kids entertained and praying for just a few minutes of time to themselves during the day. Regarding spouses or partners, this time is probably somewhat of a test to see if they really can work through life together with their person if they were stranded on a desert island or if the only reason their relationship works is because of the little ‘breaks’ or ‘time away’ that they usually get during normal, everyday life (mind you, being stranded on a desert island might be easier to deal with in some ways than being cooped up under one roof with your partner for days on end).

It wouldn’t surprise me if the rate of engagements, marriages, break-ups and divorces increase drastically shortly after this isolation period – nevermind the much-anticipated baby boom come December 2020! But having said that, I also just hope that those who are stuck in abusive situations are able to make it through this time alright and emerge from it with the courage to leave the situation they’re in (easier said than done, I know).

But one thing’s for sure, this is definitely an opportunity for a case study on conflict resolution in relationships. Do you usually try to escape or avoid conflict? Or do you face it head-on? Maybe you could use this time to grow as a person, work on your weaknesses and become a better partner, sibling, child, parent or friend?

Regardless of your isolation situation, try to use this time positively to build instead of break. We’re all in it together right now; battling our demons, facing different challenges and trying to find our new routine in a world of uncertainty.  

Be kind. Be safe. Stay strong. Stay home.


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